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Do I use fertilizer in addition to compost? Yes. Every bed gets my own custom blend of blood meal and cotton seed meal for nitrogen, rock phosphate for phosphorus, green sand for potassium and kelp meal for micronutrients.

I didn't start out using blood meal but have found that in the spring when the soil is really cold that the nitrogen in the cotton seed meal just doesn't break down quickly enough to support crops like spinach and lettuce. Blood meal allows my spinach to get a running start so that I can actually get a decent harvest before it starts to bolt in early June. Without it, I get puny little plants that bolt without putting out many leaves.

In a 4 foot by 16 foot bed (64 sq ft) I use:
1/2 pound Blood Meal
1 3/4 pounds Cotton Seed Meal
2 pounds Rock Phosphate
1 pound Green Sand
10 ounces Kelp Meal

Here in the Northwest our soils are very acid. I used dolomite lime in the early years to get the pH up into the neutral ranges. I haven't needed it since. The compost seems to provide a good buffer to keep the pH in the right range.

I still use lime on the lawn every few years and for the first few years on any new beds I create.