Sara Schurr Now is all there is
Sara SchurrHi, I'm Sara Schurr and I've been lucky enough to have had a very rich and varied life thus far. I sometimes joke that each phase of my life has been so different it might as well have been a separate incarnation.

I'm married to Walter Cooke, alias Wonderful Walter. For 27 years we lived on a piece of land we call Winterhaven outside of Monroe, WA and where I tended The Garden at Winterhaven. In 2014, we sold our home there and became full-timer in our new Airstream Flying Cloud. We like to travel and hike and we share our adventures through our website,  In 2017 we bought a winter home in Sahuarita, AZ where I began to learn to garden in the desert. And in 2019 we bought a lot in Show Low AZ for our summer home.

I've constructed this site to take you on a tour of my many incarnations and the facets of my life they represent to me. It's a chance for folks who only know one facet to get to know the rest of my story.

If you want to know about my foray into web design and development visit the Webmaster.

If you're interested in my early years visit Sally, that's what I was called as a child and everyone who knew me growing up knew me as Sally Schurr. Beware though, you'll end up in Montebello, California and not everyone really wants to go there.

If you're interested in my background from college and graduate school and my career in psychology visit the Psychologist. Pitzer, Harvard and US House of Representatives here we come. This is also where you'll learn about my 5-year foray into marketing management.

To learn about my travels to places far and wide from Alaska to Russia and beyond visit the Traveler. However, if you want to learn about my most recent trips visit the website I share with my husband, Walter Cooke.

If you've always wondered why I seemed a little strange around the edges you might want to visit the Channel, she's got a lot she can tell you that's pretty far out.

Or you could visit the Seeker, and learn about my spiritual path and where it has led me which is also a bit unusual.

If you prefer the more mundane aspects of life, you might want to learn about my 25-year history as an organic gardener by visiting the Gardener.

Or you could visit the Crafter to learn about some of the fun things I've done quilting, sewing, and just having fun making stuff.

Or you could visit the Potter to learn about a passion that started in college and has returned 45 years later.