Sara Schurr Now is all there is
Sara SchurrMy life as a seeker probably began in my teens when I first wanted to understand what made people the way that they were. It really picked up speed though in my mid-twenties when I began exploring astrology, the Tarot and Yoga.

My life as a seeker is one that has been defined mostly by the questions that have arisen for me over the years as the path itself has unfolded before me.

Things like:
"What makes people tick?"
"What makes me tick?"
"What skills have we forgotten?"
"What am I pretending not to know?"
"How do I learn to be"
"What do I do to be?"
"What is enlightenment?"
"Who am I?"
"How do I stop judging?"
"What is forgiveness?"
"When will I have given enough?"
"Why don't I feel appreciated?"
"Who would I be without my story?"
"What was my face before my mother was born?"
"Do I really exist?"