Sara Schurr Now is all there is
I was one of those kids who loved craft time at school. Clearly my mom did too because we had a house full of crafts materials and each year at Christmas she did some craft project or other to decorate the house. Those of you who've visited my home at Christmas might now have an idea where the motivation for all my holiday decorating comes from!

She and I got very into it when I was in Junior High and High School and made all sorts of wonderful stuff. The only photo I have of any of it is this one.

Sally Schurr Christmas 1966 Montebello, CA

We made the 3-D stars hanging in the background. Mom had made done the trees when we were little. And yes, that's me at about age 15.

I got deeply into paper sculpture in high school. I built this model of a futuristic school for project in a humanities course my senior year.

School of the future model Sally Schurr 1969

All the buildings were made of little pieces of card stock cut to fit. I spent many happy hours doing this and an accompanying model of the junior high I'd gone to which was pretty awful.

In college my sophomore year I took a sculpture class where we worked with plaster of Paris. I did a free form piece that weighed a ton and made a good door stop at my mom's house for years.

I investigated how one did plaster casts and ended up doing a plaster cast of a pumpkin of all things. Here's a photo of the final installation of the pieces of the cast, the original pumpkin (painted with green polka dots) and the resulting plaster pumpkin, painted red white and blue. Remember, this was 1970.

Plaster Pumpkin Installation Sally Schurr Pitzer College 1970

I also did a whole series of Calder-style mobiles but never photographed them and they are no more.